Member of the board of directives

Foundation Asambeho School "Roderich Lopez"

Reinwald Roderich Lopez (President)

Alfred Croes (Secretary)

Emmeline S Lopez-Boekhoudt (Treasurer)



A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality. --- Roderich Lopez

Keeping The ASAMBEHO Music Alive Roderich's Idea is that kids enroll in an Asambeho music development program

to guide the kids to soon be part of a professional development scholarship.

His idea is also to partner with local nonprofits and schools to provide Asambeho music appreciation presentations and encourage the cultivation of and access to Asambeho music instruments in schools and protect the music culture of Aruba heritage music Asambeho in memory of the creators of Aruba's Asambeho Rhythm and Music by Arnold Beyde, Samuel Hodge, and Alfonso Gibbs.