Massive Brassband Int.

Punta Cana Carnaval

Massive Brass band Int. for the first time in the Dominican Republic after being invited to the Punta Cana Carnaval last Feb 2023.

Massive Brass band International Gave a magnificent Presentation

ORANJESTAD – On August 5, 2022, the Aruba Massive Brass band gave an excellent presentation at Disney World's 50th Anniversary Parade at the Magic Kingdom in Orlando, Florida.

A delegation of 60 Arubans, consisting of musicians and dancers, gave an outstanding performance at the Magic Kingdom and held Aruba's flag proudly in front of the parade.

It's the first time that park visitors jumped and danced behind the marching band at the Magic Kingdom.

Aruba received priceless exposure and gave the park visitors the chance to enjoy the Asambeho rhythm of Aruba in Disney Park.

Minister of Culture Xiomara Maduro congratulates the leader, Roderich Lopez of Aruba Massive Brass Band, and all members on their exceptional achievement and presentation in Florida.

Golden Mickey Trophy

Roderich Lopez himself is a living example, never stop dreaming and keep working hard.

since he was a kid he had this idea, that one day he would bring Asambeho music originating from the Island of Aruba into magic KingDom and so he did. Disney gives the Massive Marching Band from Aruba, a golden mickey trophy, this is the first time ever a Brassband / Marching Band has performed in Magic Kingdom Disney in the Fantasy Parade. "Asambeho School Roderich Lopez" has made history for Aruba.


Congratulation Aruba is proud of the whole team.

Massive Brassband Int.

A special Thanks to the invited participants, Together with Massive Brassband Int under the team "Asambeho School Roderich Lopez" to bring Aruba’s name and flag shines again on the international stage, where friends, family, supporters, and fellow Arubans felt proud of these participants and the accomplishments they are bringing back home, as well as wish them all success and thank them for taking Aruba’s name higher.